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Our framework of procedure is a modification of the typical approach (consultation – planning – execution) and it´s reflecting our view on corporate development.

Our framework of procedure has proven its worth in practice. Together with you, we design the classical phases in an implementation-oriented, practicable manner, independently from potential external support. Thereby, each task receives an individual framework of procedure that those involved become committed to from the very beginning on. This ensures efficiency regarding the processing effort and time at an early stage.

We speak of a continuous task processing until a sustainable change is put into practice if all phases are processed connectedly.

There are, however, tasks for which only single phases or certain combinations come into consideration:
Tasks with a report or expert opinion character, such as due diligence, will focus on the orientation from the beginning on.
Is an “aha effect” obtained during the orientation, the task will not be further worked on.
After the design phase, tasks are not further worked on if potential benefits are not sufficient or if new/changed framework conditions arise which question the designed approach.
The design phase can be omitted if concepts already exist (for example typical consultant) and if the task focuses on the installation and utilization.

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