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Our cooperation partners have a very close relationship to our network and make the comprehensive basis of competences in breadth and depth possible. In principal, they are only active for the network on a case-by-case basis. A wide range of cooperation partners have been working for the network for several years.

In order to guarantee stability and continuity when it comes to the processing of the tasks, we can rely on proven and tested mechanisms of cooperation. To this end, we integrate our cooperation partners into our network in a special way, if eight key requirements are fulfilled:

Our network includes a large number of cooperation partners and we work continuously on the expansion. We know the comprehensive spectrum of competences made available by our cooperation partners very well and we are able to substantially inform about our possibilities at any time.

Beyond the existing cooperation partners, we maintain relationships to candidates who have not yet gained substantial experience in collaborating within our network. They are only employed after individual consultation with our customers.

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