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We calculate our effort on a daily basis, valued with a reasonable daily rate plus travel expenses. We make this calculation transparent to you and then decide on an appropriate fee model together with you. Generally, the following models are possible:

Remuneration according to effort
Especially for short-term assignments
Also for long-term assignments if there is a solid collaboration experience or if it is about a rather open/uncertain task

Remuneration per lump sum
Especially for long-term assignments with clear conceptual orientation, however often with target figures that are difficult to measure
Generally for all kinds of assignments if there is not yet a sufficient collaboration experience

Remuneration depending on success
Especially for long-term assignments with measurable target figures as a remuneration component to be added to the remuneration according to effort or the remuneration per lump sum. An entirely success-related remuneration is possible.

Upon consultation with you, we are willing throughout the course of the task processing to use different fee models (phase-specific, but also within a phase) or to combine these. Generally, we ensure a careful use of resources and aim at creating the highest possible degree of transparency and price-performance efficiency - because we care about your esteem.

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