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An essential factor of a successful collaboration is the accuracy with which the competences needed for the processing of the task are provided. To this end, we examine with you:

Which purpose you pursue with using external support?
Transparency and security
Impulses (broader view, change of perspective)
Input in terms of content
Balance of differing interests
Support in terms of capacity

Which competences and resources you dispose of (possibly, you have employed or are employing further external support)?

We assess jointly with you which competences are needed in which degree. Based on this information, we find out which network partners can process the task in the most accurate way and are happy to introduce them to you.

We attach great importance to provide external resources in the most accurate way possible and to employ “the right people at the right place”. We achieve this very often, but let us fool neither ourselves nor you: unfortunately, at times even we have to pass.

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