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As partners for corporate development it is our principle to work “with you for you” and we therefore assume a practice-tested role. Hereby, we significantly differ from the classical consulting approach.

Specifically, besides the role of an expert and assessor, we distinguish three practicable supporting roles as well as the management and execution role. On a case-by-case basis we can adjust or combine these roles with you in a goal-oriented way and can adapt them in consultation during the course of the task processing according to changed requirements.

We aspire to develop and enable the participating persons according to the task. This is why we see our role as a catalytic function in the sense of capacity building. At customer’s option, we only deliver as well.

Hereby, we want to enable participants to the highest degree possible to avoid one-way-thinking, gain new insights and implement these themselves. This is why we act in an open, comprehensible, exemplary and transparent way.

The classical approach is characterized by the consultant behind closed doors, working more for than with the customers. This way of working does not match our self-image, because results obtained in this way often end up gathering dust, as they are not accepted or because the customer is being disconnected from the process.

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